The Canberra Caravan and Camping Hash House Harriers (AKA C3H3) was devised by Toesucker, Babbling and Footrot over the odd beverage to cater for athletic hashers who hanker for fresh air and traffic-less weekends away from Canberra.  [ Ed. : That should have read "athletic hashers and Babbling".]

The inaugural run/drive/camp was on the weekend of 7 to 10 June 2013 in Tumut near the Snowy Mountains National Park in southern New South Wales.  Ironically much closer for Wagga hashers than Canberra hashers so a small Wagga contingent participated.

Despite a shabby performance by Big Boy on the final night, the first camp was a success.

Anyone can come.  Athleticism is generally frowned upon by the organisers but as long as you can laugh and fall about a campfire without injuring anyone, you are in.  Caravan, tent and cabin campers are all welcome.  Even the "gin-swilling stay at the local flash hotel" types (looking at Energizer/Tsnotty here) may even get a pass.  Apart from a flimsy attempt at a run and a group campfire, it is not your usual fully timetabled hash weekend so there is plenty of freedom to do your own thing.

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